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Equipment Features

◆ A Multipurpose Cold Beverage Dispenser perfect for Italian granita, slushies, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, sangria, lemonade and much, much more.

◆ The First Class patented design eliminates “preventative maintenance” (versus competetive manufacturers, where mandatory preventative maintenance is required annually & costly).

◆ The drive shaft of each First Class unit is manufactured with a “Seal-Less” patent, which makes it uniquely the most hygienic & safest product of its kind on the market today.

◆ Our equipment does NOT require periodic lubrication or seal replacements.

◆ First Class is the simplest & easiest machine to clean & maintain.

◆ User-friendly, easy-to-read & programmable electronic controls make operation a snap.

◆ On-board “AutoDiagnostic” functions ensure longer product life by eliminating equipment misuse.

◆ Programmable “Defrost Activation” sequence automatically places machine into “Standby Mode” at pre-set time.

◆ Each unit is armed with “Critical Temperature” & “Low Product Level” alerts, ensuring optimal product readiness & equipment productivity.

◆ On-board “Digital Clock/Timer” records & tracks, total hours of equipment operation.

◆ First Class machines are manufactured to comply with HACCP Standards.

◆ Our innovative First Class design makes each unit a powerful merchandiser & profit center for any business.

◆ A manual & electronic locking system makes our products a perfect fit for self- -service locations. ◆ Our strong & energy-efficient “Refrigeration Process System” make our equipment’s preparation cycle process the fastest in its class.


Height: 31” 

Width: 16”

Depth: 22”

Weight: 114 lbs

Capacity: 6.4 gal

Power: 1.22 HP 900 W

Voltage (v) / Frequency (Hz): 115/60

Elmeco Double Barrel Slush Machine

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